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Fourth creators alumni feature:
tanish tanjil

Every month, we feature a Fourth Creators alumni to share their journey into content creation, journalism – or even just an interesting story that they have.

This month, let’s hear from student and content creator Tanish Tanjil. Tanish, 18, has worked with several NGOs to advocate for media literacy and policy-making through student journalism. Her dedication to “Education, Empowerment, and Environment” fuels her passion for content creation and journalism.

Written by Aqila Afindi


Hi Tanish! Can you tell us about yourself?


Tanish: I‘m currently in my last year of highschool doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which is a pre-university course at Nexus International School in Malaysia.

I am a full-time student, and at the same time, I create content as a hobby. I also joined The Star’s BRATS youth journalism programme because of my interest in journalism.

During the pandemic, I worked with nonprofit organisations as a volunteer for research and content writing. My first internship involved research and marketing copywriting at a fitness company.

When I joined the Fourth Creators Camp in early 2023, it was the first time I got into video content creation.


What was your experience at the Camp?


T: It was super duper fun. We played games, had tight deadlines to finish our personal videos, and enjoyed lots of good food! We also interviewed Asraf Sharafi, a programmes officer at Bersih, about political protests in Malaysia.

In terms of what I learned, honestly, the camp provided all the basic skills one should have, not just for journalism. These skills should be part of everyday education, because presentations and video editing skills are so important, especially nowadays.

Even when you are creating a video for TikTok or a school project, having high-quality sets you apart from the rest. Even in school, it has helped me a lot. I ended up making the best presentation in my economics class because the video was good.


Tanish (left) with fellow Fourth Creators Camp: KL participants in 2023.
Tanish (standing second right) gained hands-on experience by interviewing real life NGOs during 3 days 2 nights camp.


How else do you use content to create impact?


T: I’m motivated to use my skills and voice to increase awareness about civic rights, including child sexual abuse, climate change, and women’s rights. I learnt that journalism and content creation can be tools to help more people become aware of these issues, and this is what motivates me as well.

In 2022, I was appointed as the Community Director for the “24 Hours Race”. It was a 24-hour race to raise funds for anti-slavery and human trafficking campaigns.

When we were developing marketing materials, I introduced TikTok-style content and curated a few videos using all that I have learned from the Fourth Creators Camp. Those videos attracted a lot of people, and we managed to get over 500 sign-ups!



Congratulations! You are also involved in an academic paper co-authored with The Fourth Academy and more. Can you tell us more?


T: Early this year, Samantha from Fourth Academy reached out to me about co-authoring an academic paper – and I said yes! Then, we had the opportunity to present it at a conference in Sunway University in February.

While working on this paper, I learnt the importance of using journalism as a medium to uphold the truth of events and to show what’s happening out there. Journalism is a powerful tool to inspire and raise awareness among people, whether about global events or issues within our communities.

As responsible citizens, it’s our duty to ensure we play our part for our country. I believe journalism truly embodies this responsibility.


Tanish contributed to an academic paper presented by Fourth Academy at the Southeast Asian Media Studies Conference 2024.


As a student juggling leadership roles, how do you manage your time effectively?


T: The quote “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” holds immense importance because without a proper plan, everything can easily fall apart in whatever we are trying to achieve in life.

For me, the two most significant factors that have worked are having a passionate approach to everything I do and carefully selecting activities, often stepping out of my comfort zone. This includes having the enthusiasm to learn new things, being open-minded to welcome new people, knowledge, skills, adventures, and activities into my life.


Lastly, what advice would you give to other young people about going into impact content creation?


T: Do not be afraid, because many times we hold back what we want to say, what we want to advocate for, and stand up for. We restrain ourselves, fearing potential backlash from society or the opinions of others. 

But if you have ever felt fear, don’t let it hold you back. Instead, develop a proper action plan for the change you wish to bring about and then begin. All it takes is for you to start!


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