We’re an award-winning media company dedicated to defending social justice through investigative journalism and impact media campaigns.

Who We Are

The Fourth was founded by six investigative journalists and documentary filmmakers, who have collectively won over 40 awards so far.

Our founders’ work has also seen them selected for the Obama Leaders programme, Acumen Fellowship, YSEALI Professional Fellowship, Bertha Fellowship, and UK International Leaders Programme.

How It Started

We founded The Fourth because we believe the world needs more fearless, independent, and impact-driven investigative journalism.

In order to do that, we needed an independent platform, free from political and corporate influence, so we set ourselves up as a not-for-profit social enterprise.

What We Do

Hard-hitting multimedia documentaries, often involving undercover work to expose social injustice.

Solutions-driven media campaigns for civil society organisations and corporate companies who want to increase their social impact.

For civil society and corporate organisations that want to start creating their own impact media content and strategies.

High-end production services, including video production, documentary commissions, design, and website development.

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