Local ADUN staves off electricity cuts to common areas of Sea Park Apartments

Lim Yi Wei, the ADUN for Kampung Tunku, has paid the electricity bills for the common areas of four out of six blocks at Sea Park Apartments. Those four blocks – Blocks A, C, D and E – were on the verge of electricity cuts to their common areas, due to unpaid bills.

Maintenance and services have been disrupted, and utilities bills gone unpaid for the common areas of Sea Park Apartments because an ongoing land dispute has left the apartments without a functioning management council (MC).

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The latest electricity bills for Blocks A, C, D and E included a warning that supply would be cut between 18 Oct and 28 Oct.

Blocks B and F were not facing cuts, as the bills had been paid in advance.

For Block F, the bill was paid in advance by the MC many months ago, to ensure continuous electricity supply to the apartments’ Imhoff sewage tank. The sewage tank draws electricity from Block F.

For Block B, it is unknown who has been paying the bills.

Lim reached out to apartment residents on 11 Oct to offer the intervention, and the bills were paid the same day. The amount paid totalled RM3,578.65.

“It was an emergency, and we wanted to ensure residents’ safety,” said Lim via WhatsApp when contacted, adding that the funds were sourced from her ADUN allocation, which can be used for welfare or emergency situations.

“However, this is not sustainable, and we’ve discussed with the Sea Park Apartment Owners and Residents Association (SPORA) on methods of fundraising while the Commissioner of Buildings tries to find a management company to take over (the apartment’s maintenance).”

The common area electricity supply for Sea Park Apartments are mostly for each block’s stairwell lights. Block F also supplies electricity to the Imhoff sewage tank, while Block E supplies the carpark lights.

According to residents, Lim is considering paying for the overdue maintenance and servicing of the Imhoff sewage tank as well. Residents are currently seeking a cost estimate from service providers for this.

The Imhoff sewage tank requires regular desludging, and maintenance of its motor.

“My outlook towards Sea Park Apartments has always been to ease things where possible.”

Lim added that her office has been channelling funds from her ADUN allocation to SPORA and to pay for utilities and services in Sea Park Apartments from 2019 to February this year, totalling RM37,700, not including the recent electricity bills intervention.

RM27,000 was disbursed to SPORA to run community activities, while RM10,700 was meant to support services and maintenance after the MC stopped functioning in late 2022.

After the last disbursement in February, these contributions stopped, and residents were advised to seek sustainable solutions.

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